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Monday, July 26, 2010

words cannot describe.

I got a call around 11 on Saturday morning.

I've been anxiously awaiting a good friend going into labor (overdue!) and wasn't sure I wanted to book anything when she was on call to be induced. But, I decided that waiting around pacing and praying wasn't doing anyone any good, so when dad said their lovely daughter was 8 days old, I asked if I could get to her as soon as possible... Oh those lovely flexible newborn bones... :) So we agreed on 3PM and I proceeded to dig up my yard.

Not only was this precious little doll tiny and perfect in every way, but her parents totally rock. I ran out of coffee that morning and so Joan made me iced coffee, which I drank two of. We sat in their dining room with my little "outdoors" set up and chatted and waited for baby to sleep. Dad was totally in love with baby, in a way I don't see many fathers with brand-new bundles.

All in all, I can't recall the last time I was so happy with a newborn session.
Thanks so much guys for letting me play with all 6lbs of your new darling.

I'll be back for more iced coffee.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gram...but a little cleaner this time...

So, does this little man look familiar? He should! There he is being born, below this post!

Anyway, I got to come back for newborn photos and I *knew* he was going to be adorable...I mean, how many babies can say they were as cute as him after the short but intense ride down the birth canal? Here he is again, looking handsome as ever and just a smidge cleaner :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little guys' birthday....

There are many important events in our lives here as humans on a big floating rock. Some more momentous than others. Just because I am soextraspecial I get to take part in a lot of people's wonderful life moments. I watch them, breathe them...try to capture them as they are. But few things are as intimate and as miraculous as the birth of a child.

It's just the way the world turns, right? Biology and what have you. But no..not really.

With's different. Sometimes I think we forget when we see a pregnant woman, that HEY...she's making a flippin' KID in there!

At first, there is only a big belly.

and then suddenly there is a little face. A new life. With open eyes and clenched little fists and his own particular baby wail, so thin and sweet and very much his own.

I feel blessed to have taken part in this birth that took place in a north Portland home.

Welcome, little guy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I knew right after I walked in and saw her she was a C-section baby. Her perfect little head was...too perfect. Her skin was clear and entirely smooth. Considering my own child had black eyes, a swollen nose, a (sideways!) conehead and more, these babies take on a certain magical quality to me. Can they really be so stinkin' perfect?

Yes..., yes they can. Not only did she behave beautifully, little Z could not have been more gorgeous with that head of dark hair and little cupid's bow lips.

It's not even fair.

A few of my favorites: