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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweet Melia

This little girl was so sweet... They all are, but boy does getting to them before the 2 week mark make a big difference.

Originally her mom and I had planned to do the "outdoors" set up...But...All my grass pretty much died in the 90 degree car on the way over and daylight was getting scarce. We ended up venturing out into their yard and managed to snag a few good ones before the warm breeze made Melia wake up. I didn't get to pose her how I had imagined out there but she was such a great little model for me indoors so I didn't mind too much :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Matt & Lisa.....

I always seem to get the most laid-back brides. I like to think it's because I attract that kind of fabulous person, but in reality, I think I'm just plain ol' lucky. Lisa was a naughty bride and I wasn't entirely aware of my shooting her wedding until the week prior. I'd been to Mcmenamins' Edgefield before, though, and I jumped at the chance to drag a dolled-up couple around the beautiful, picturesque grounds.

Both Lisa and Matt's families as well as all their friends were amazing and fun to be around... full of good humor and with lots of adorable kids!
I loved the simple, earthy vibe this wedding had, and I tried my best to capture it...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Simon

I can't remember the last time I had a baby over 2 weeks old behave so perfectly. Often I go into sessions with older babies just hoping to get some great photos of them alert and looking at the world. But this time, I had a feeling I should just wait him out...

Friday, June 11, 2010

T & M crew.... :)

Lots of people say they don't like to be posed. I hear it all the time. This family however, didn't really need to be told what to do at all...their interactions were so full of love for one another and were as genuine as they come. All I had to do was stand back and watch... Although our sesh was rained out (I have bones to pick with this "June-uary" nonsense) I am really in love with a couple of these photos...mainly the top one.

Technically a maternity session, I have a feeling there are very few things this family does that aren't done as a group and this time we spent out on the Columbia was no different. I'm excited for their baby boy who is right around the corner. It's pretty apparent he's destined for cuteness. T has proved herself to be a maker-of-cute-kiddos twice over already so this new bundle is bound to be the same thing...

Stay tuned for that.

PS. Ridiculous amounts of overwhelming newborn cuteness tomorrow.

Is she not like the most beautiful pregnant woman ever?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

J & M: Engagement

Just wanted to share. :)

PS: Sunset light = amazing ok? So don't look at me sideways when I suggest we meet at 8 PM!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lair Wedding!!!

Boy have I been beatin' around this bush....and in this case, the metaphorical bush is the sneak peek of this lovely wedding in Eastern Oregon.... It's been a couple weeks now! Bad, Bad photographer....

But let me tell you, it's hard to look at a thousand plus photos and pick which ones are my favorite. Oh wait, I mean which ones will be the bride's favorites....

Anyhoo, it's hard, folks, OK? Here are some that I enjoy :)

Get this! After doing formal portraits, Erin the most unbride-zilla-y bride ever actually had some down time to sit back and relax. We got really, really lucky with the weather. It was sprinkling for parts, and in some of the photos there is a rain cloud lingering in the distance....

We eventually butted heads, this rain cloud and I....but I like to think I won the battle.

I'm shooting for chronological order here. We'll see how that goes though. Turns out I kind of suck at order in general. My closet is indisputable proof of this.

The men simply could NOT keep from tinkering with the jeep....

NOW... I say this with the utmost warning. I am NOT a videographer. But, as I was standing around the reception, someone came up to me and said "Proud Mary" (By CCR) is Grandpa's favorite song to dance to..." I read this as *hint hint* and so turned on the video...

For you curious photo buffs out there, this was taken wide open at 1.4, 6400 ISO in an almost completely dark room. Thus the crazy grain. My lacking video skillz don't help....Also, I was manually focusing, so the craptastic focusing is not my camera's fault either.

Also, turns out my computer can't handle the HD video from my 5D mk II, so I had to upload them to youtube to even view them... Lame, right? Right. I'll fix that problem soon, but meanwhile.....