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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kate + Tess

*cough cough*

In my humble can't photograph toddlers and young children by posing them in awkward positions with awkward smiles...Not my cup of tea. I try my hardest to capture kids...especially the vivacious their element. Doing what they do. A department store with a wrinkled background might help you remember what they looked like.

But I really hope my photos, 10 years from now, will help parents remember who their small children WERE. It goes by so fast. Too fast.

*stepping of combination soap box/high horse now*


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Monday, September 20, 2010

Taylor + Tobias VS the rainforest

There's a lake just a little ways from my dad's house. A walk, practically. One day, my dad, his friend, my then-18 month old and I started walking around the lake, not really knowing where we were going. We ended up hiking (if you can call it that) for miles. I was in complete awe that this rainforest existed so close to home. Every square inch of space is alive with vegetation and other fauna I'd rather not think about; but I found every step satisfying. The hollow, dense *thump* of footsteps there. Like being in a padded room. From that first accidental trek, I've had visions of a woman in the clover.

Lucky me, I have a willing model. This was a great way for me to stand outside my own comfort zone, photographically. The light under the canopy is so diffuse that finding it at all was a challenge. As a result, I think the images have an intense, almost creepy feel. But thats ok because it's both intense and creepy in there, in the land of high ISO's, dead flash batteries and no light to reflect. *shiver*

There may or may not have been whiskey involved. And Taylor and Tobias make out like 8th graders around every bend in the path, but that's ok because I call dibs on shooting their inevitable wedding. Hear that? DIBS! Taylor's friend Alessandra Rose Mora did her hair and makeup before leaving Seattle...She's in a band " the kindness kind" and pretty much kicks arse. Thanks :)

At one point, a slug somehow fell IN to my frakkin' pants. Apparently they climb trees, here. That was fun.

The end.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jordan and Rachel