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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iiiiits Michael!!!

So...Kate's wedding (my almost sister-in-law)... It's so hard for me to not be a camera-toting shot hog when attending weddings. So I put the camera away for pretty much the whole day. But you can't give me an adorable 2 year old in a tuxedo in field of clover and expect me to not bust it out.

I did ask the lovely bride and groom to kiss for me, the one posed shot I asked of them. What a GOOD wedding guest I am!!! I'm excited to see their photos from the hired help, Jim Semlor.

Meanwhile, here's Michael! (and Angela!)


Kell said...

cute! looks like you should have shot the wedding :)

Leah said...

love these! :-)

Sarah said...

love them great job!

argregg said...

Beautiful photos! Love the lighting and color - you're very talented.