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Monday, May 24, 2010


B's mom called me when he was already a week or two old... We had one scheduling conflict after another, and before you know it, he's a month in this world...

Ah well... it happens!

Good thing the kid can't take a bad photo. Check out those lips!

He REALLY didn't want to go to sleep. We tried. And Tried. and TRIED!
But...he's the sort of guy who just wasn't havin' it. Lucky for me I got to chat with his mom, grandma and great grandma.

And yup, there's the stump again. But I got a BUNCH of new stuff and I have a new baby girl (only 6 days old) on Wednesday...So stay tuned!

All in all...what a cute kid. Truly.


Kell said...

Hows that hat workin' for ya?

Great photos :)

Catharine @Bliss Photography said...

I just love your baby work (well other work too) I think you need a trip to minnesota in July for mine.. please?? ;)