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Saturday, May 8, 2010

sneak peek: sweet baby Kaia

I've decided that 8 month olds are my new favorite age....They're still cuddly, and yet...they can't run away. A bit different than the snoozing lumps of newborn and crazy 3 year olds I've been shooting lately.

I only wish that the lovely followers of my blog could hear Kaia's daddy singing "Tutti-Frutti" at the top of his lungs for all these photos that she's smiling in... I must admit his heartfelt laugh is pretty hard not to like.

Beautiful family. Thanks again guys. I'll be seeing you soon ;)


Kell said...

Now I'm blogstalking you! Lol!

What a cutie! Love the field pics :)

Erin Tole said...

You're just partial to this particular brand of baby :)