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Friday, June 11, 2010

T & M crew.... :)

Lots of people say they don't like to be posed. I hear it all the time. This family however, didn't really need to be told what to do at all...their interactions were so full of love for one another and were as genuine as they come. All I had to do was stand back and watch... Although our sesh was rained out (I have bones to pick with this "June-uary" nonsense) I am really in love with a couple of these photos...mainly the top one.

Technically a maternity session, I have a feeling there are very few things this family does that aren't done as a group and this time we spent out on the Columbia was no different. I'm excited for their baby boy who is right around the corner. It's pretty apparent he's destined for cuteness. T has proved herself to be a maker-of-cute-kiddos twice over already so this new bundle is bound to be the same thing...

Stay tuned for that.

PS. Ridiculous amounts of overwhelming newborn cuteness tomorrow.

Is she not like the most beautiful pregnant woman ever?